How to give a New Look to an Old Garage Door


Like everything else, a garage door can also have a makeover to give it a fresh feel and nice look that sits well with the architecture of Garage door repair in downers grove, il. a newly renovated house. Garage doors should also be paid attention to while carrying the renovation of the whole house as they heavily influence the appearance of a house. If you have a garage door that is operating just fine but requires a little attention with its worn out looks then below are some tips that can help you transform your garage door.


Paint Job

A paint job with a new and exciting color can really freshen up the looks of your house and contribute to its curb appeal. Painting your garage door will not cost you a lot of money and only thing that you will have to spend is your time but that can also be made fun by getting help from friends and family. The first thing that you do while starting your DIY garage door repaint project is the basic prep work like any other paint job. If your garage door is wooden then start with looking for cracks and fill them. You can sand off any excess paint on the surface. If you’re going to work on a metal garage door then start with removing the rust with the help of a sand paper. Ensuring a great power wash will result in a greater paint job end result. Garage Door Repair in St Charles, IL.

The trend of painting the garage door with a color that makes it blend in with the rest of the house is past now. A lot of people these days tend to experiment with contrasting colors that make the garage doors look more prominent and playful. In the end, it’s your choice which color you want to go with and what combination suits your taste the best. Although, a garage door with a contrasting color looks playful with the rest of the architecture of the house and seems more prominent within the surroundings. There are literally thousands of color options ranging from bold and sharp colors to dim and light hues that you can choose from.

Patterns and Designs

If you don’t own an expensive wooden garage door and your garage features a steel garage door that provides more security then you can paint wooden textures on it to make it look exactly like a wooden garage door. Like stated above, the procedure is inexpensive and all you would have to spend is time but the end result will surely be worth the effort.

By purchasing and installing the appropriate hardware and carrying out a suitable paint job, you can turn your garage door into a carriage style garage door, which are very popular these days and highly influence the curb appeal of a house.

You can always ask for the help of a trained professional and we would really love to help you with any type of hardware or tool that you might require to carry out your DIY project or garage door expert.

Do You Require a Permit to Renovate Your Garage?


A lot of people like renovating their homes on their own. Garages are not excluded during these upgrades because of their key importance as a storage space and a project lab. The type of upgrades and renovation you are looking forward to do suggest whether or not you are going to need a legal permit. The rules and regulations set by the Canadian Home Builders’ Association indicate that you have to have a legal permit before you start modifying the main structure or other systems of your house. These legal permits make sure that you have met all the basic requirements to ensure health, safety and related structural reliability in accordance to the building codes of the area along with other municipal regulations.

The purpose of these permits is to implement building standards, and even if they might cause you a little extra work, they return back by ensuring better safety. Not getting a permit before carrying out the renovation can result in you spending extra money to fix an unapproved installation, upgrade or renovation. It is also important that the renovations that you carry out matches the ones you proposed while applying for the permit. Otherwise, you might end up facing a penalty or undoing your renovations. Below are some of the renovations that might require legal permits.Source of the article: Garage Door Repair in Tinley Park, IL

  • Upgrades
  • Building or removing a wall
  • Installation of new windows
  • New entrances into the house
  • Changes or upgrades in electrical installations
  • Modification of preexisting plumbing

Other than the above mentioned upgrades and renovations, you are legally allowed to re-roof, paint, install floors and cabinets, and replace windows and doors as long as you don’t change the size of any of the preexisting entrance or window.

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House Renovation Always Start With The Garage Door


Exterior renovation of a house is usually undertaken first by a lot of people before they start working on the interior. A lot of people don’t consider garage doors to be an important part of the style statement of a house but then again a lot of people still think that the man has never landed on the moon. Garage doors are the first thing that anyone puts an eye onto while entering a home, they increase the curb appeal of the house and not to mention add more market value to house and make it easy to sell.

How to do it?

You should have a clear idea of what you are looking for in a garage door. There are a lot of factors that you should consider and prioritize which feature you want more than the other if you are on a budget. If you are replacing your garage door after a really long time and do not know the latest trends of the garage door market then you would want to do a little research. But basically, you would be looking at features like safety systems, degree of insulation offered by the garage door, built material like wood, aluminum, steel etc., durability, warranties, various types of door opener, and obviously the cost. If you would have a clear mindset that what you are looking for in a garage door then you would start seeing the amount of options the garage market has to offer these days. Make a list of the things most necessary to you like insulation that helps you cut your utility bills, which type of garage door you’re looking forward to if you want to save some extra garage space, and does the design or style of the garage door mixes in with the architecture of the rest of the house.
Garage Door Repair Lincolnwood

You must keep in mind that the decision that you would make about a garage door will have a huge impact on the external looks of your house. A different color and some latest style can brighten things up in your favor. While you’re thinking about maintain or replacing your garage door, it is also important to know that you get an option of installing windows in the garage door as well. Garage door windows can really help lit up the garage and if you use your garage space as a workshop for your DIY projects or an office maybe then adding such upgrade can be really helpful. Garage door repair grayslake, il.

It is also important that you stay in touch with a trained professional who can guide you regarding the maintenance of your old garage door. Over an extensive period of service, old garage doors tend to get dingy and rusty and the only option you are left with is replacing the door with a new one. You can always contact us for more information about what garage door type and style you can go with and we can also help you with finding an option that meets all your needs for insulation, durability and degree of automation in your budget limits.

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